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As a Registered Investment Advisor, RW Baker Wealth Management Group acts in accordance with the fiduciary standard, maintaining independence and objectivity when recommending securities and other investment products. 

Our approach to investing is to create diversified portfolios with a long-term horizon. We use a disciplined strategy to generate cash flow and rebalance the portfolio as necessary to limit capital risk while maintaining the desired asset allocation.

We believe that asset allocation provides the essential framework for a diversified portfolio. When properly supported by effective implementation and discipline, asset allocation is the most critical factor in determining long-term and near-term investment performance. In our experience, it is also a useful tool to reduce portfolio risk and volatility over long periods of time and in most environments. 

Our first step is to gather and evaluate personal information about you, your financial resources, and your current and future financial needs. This helps us develop the Investment Policy Statement, an investment framework that addresses areas such as expected rates of return, asset allocation, allocation parameters, risk and volatility tolerances, performance benchmarks and investment restrictions.

Based on your articulated long-term goals and requirements, we work with you to design an optimal portfolio based on historical risk/return relationships of a variety of traditional and alternative asset categories. Allocations are guided by your Investment Policy Statement.

Other Services

Clients often have needs for professional services that go beyond our expertise. We work closely with real estate professionals, attorneys, CPAs, trustee services, professional fiduciary services, and others. For any client who needs to confer with such professionals, we offer a 1-hour complimentary consultation.

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